About us

Success for business depends on team work instead of on an individual. To be a shining star on the business stage, resource integration and self-evaluation for improvement are the keys. LOTUS INNOVATION sticks to three principles:Justice, Sharing and Consistent Operations. 


Environmental Production & Energy Reclamation
LOTUS Filters use washable filters and environment protected materials. They feature extra high oil mist collection efficiency up to 98% for reuse, contributing to environmental protection and energy reclamation.

Save Energy & Reduce Carbon
With the low power consumed and high efficiency operation system, electricity consumption and carbon dioxide discharge can be reduced to meet the international trend of energy-saving and carbon reduction.

Air Purification
With the outstanding function of isolating oil mist, powder dust, toxic gas, and odors to purify air in the working environment. 
Metal cutting materials are becoming more and more versatile, especially in high speed machining, the toxic gases generated from coolants are becoming more seriously harmful to human health. Such gases include aluminum, mercury, PCB, etc. The oil mist air cleaners from LOTUS INNOVATION are capable of completely removing such toxic gases from your working environment. They are also capable of recycling oil mist for reusing and capturing nano powder and toxic matters. They provide an effective solution for solving poor air quality problems indoors while creating a comfortable working environment. Furthermore, this also provides a contribution to the earth.